End of 2018 reflections

2018 has been a very interesting year and I can safely say it was filled with a lot of activities. I am proud of the way I handled 2018. So many battles were fought silently, I humbled myself and wiped away my tears and gave myself a pat on the back. When life threw lemons I made lemonade. Yes, I made some mistakes, however, many of them were invaluable lessons that became stepping stones into my next chapter of life.

One of the hardest things I had to do was say goodbye to my friends and family when I was leaving for university in August. I was very excited from the time I got accepted into the University of Manitoba sometime in March, but all the excitement slowly faded into anxiousness as my departure approached. I still remember how I tried to hold it together at the airport as I embraced my parents for the last time. I am sure you can guess what happened next, my eyelids could not hold the river of tears that was fighting to flow free. It Hurt. In that moment I had only one option, to strap up my boots and boldly walk into my next chapter that has made me the responsible young lady I am today.

In December I travelled to Vancouver and visited my brother whom I missed so much. He is the most ambitious person I know. He is obsessed with winning in this game called ‘life.’ I had the opportunity to go ‘DREAM BUILDING‘ with him. He loves dream building, he has understood the power behind seeing, believing and executing. It was an eye opening experience, as I gazed at some of the most beautiful mansions and their views, I realised that I had to intensify my focus on my goals and work really hard to one day live in one that I will call my own. Human beings like you and I, own that real estate, the only difference is in how we think and perceive the world. In 2019 I have dedicated myself to constantly improve myself, how I think and see the world. I believe I can be, do and have anything I desire in my life.

Most importantly I got closer to God because I always turned to him when life got difficult, not only did I look for him at such times but even in good times I always had him close. Everyday felt like I was being lifted up to a whole new level and this increased my faith. My best comforter became my Bible because every situation I faced had a comforting message in it.

2018 taught me that happiness costs $0.00. Sometimes we need to let go of things that take away our happiness, it might not be easy but it is worth it. It is possible that the closest people in our lives actually bring about negative energy around us and in this case it is difficult to drop them completely out of our lives, but, what we can do is create some distance to ensure happiness is not compromised. SMILE everything is going to be alright. Enjoy every moment, grab every opportunity you get because you are capable and you can do anything.

In addition, I’ve come to realise that life is not a race. Take your time and make sure everything is in order and you are satisfied. No need to compete with a colleague because we are all different and our goals are not the same. God deposited a unique gift in each one of us that is valuable to the world, and for that reason, it is important to focus on honing that gift and deliver it in the best form possible. Take baby steps and make it in the long run instead of speeding up the process which will benefit you just for a short period of time taking you back to ground zero.

I hope you all have a prosperous 2019 and I wish you all the best.!!!!